Sonor Teardrop 60’s Black Galaxy 3 Pc Drum Set- Good Cond

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An amazing set from Sonor

Black Galaxy like finish (if anybody knows the actual name of this finish please let us know)

9x13", 16x16"x 14x20"

No extra holes ,mods or missing parts

The finish is a little dull on one panel of the bass drum (pictured) and cracking on the floor tom (pictured). Doesn't affect playability

Kit has been thoroughly cleaned

Get the legendary Sonor sound for a lot less than the newer Vintage Series

Batter heads on the toms are like new Remo Fiberskyn and generic ones on the resonant side

Bass drum sports a Remo Powerstroke 3 and Remo Ebony on resonant side. Both in very good shape.

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