Ludwig C.O.B. 5x14” Supraphonic Chrome Over Brass Snare Drum. Rare 70's Model

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Fairly scarce 5x14" Ludwig Chrome Over Brass Supraphonic

I've heard these were specially issued for Professional Drum Shop in Vine st. Hollywood CA during the 70's out of a leftover batch of COB shells from the 60's. The B/O badge wouldn't fit in the position of the vent hole in those earlier shells hence the trimmed lower section of the badge on these rare birds. That info I can't confirm but that's what people and collectors used to say.

You can recognize these drums by their weight (heavier than a regular Ludalloy 400), The trimmed badge (even though Ive had non COB trimmed B/O badge 400s in the past), the magnet test and the most obvious of them all the tiny capital B behind the muffler's dial)

The drum is in very good condition. Not mint, not excellent. Very good condition. Id give it a 7,5 out of 10. Theres light hairline scratches around the surface of the drum. No pitting, no dents, no mods or missing or incorrect parts. There's an etched inscription with the previous owner name (pictured).

Top head is a coated Remo Ambassador in excellent condition. Resonant is a clear Remo Ambassador in very good condition.

This is a collectable drum for the Ludwig 400 connoisseur. Make sure you grab it fast because they don't pop up for sale often.

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