Solid (Johnny Craviotto) Natural Maple 4x14" Hard to Find Snare Drum - EXC Condition


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For your consideration is this excellent condition and super rare snare drum

Serial#: # 890240

This snare was made by Johnny Craviotto's  SOLID brand back in the 80's. As some of you might know, Johnny was producing these awesome snares before he joined forces with DW. 

Size is 14x4” 

4" deep

14" diameter

Single Ply steam-bent Maple snare with re-rings 

This snare is in excellent condition with just a couple of dark spots on the finish. The hardware's chrome is in excellent condition. No rust or pitting is visible.

All original hardware. 

This snare features a Remo control sound on the batter side in VG condition and a Remo Ambassdor on the snare side, also in VG condition. 

From Not so Modern Drummer:

"...with the help of the master boat builder and much trial-and-error, Johnny began making his own one-ply drum shells. By 1984-85, Johnny had started to perfect his technique. Word of his drums spread until it caught the attention of Billy Gibson (Huey Lewis & The News). Billy asked Johnny to join forces with him to form a drum company, the Select (later changed to “Solid”) Drum Company"

"While this endeavor with the Solid Drum Company only lasted a few years, Johnny’s passion for making drums was not to be easily dismissed. Johnny then focused his attention on perfecting his steam-bending technique. He was not content making only average shells; he wanted to be one of the best. In 1993, at the suggestion of Jim Keltner, he approached Don Lombardi of Drum Workshop, a.k.a. D.W., with some of his shells. This resulted in a long partnership with D.W. …"

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