Slingerland Vintage 70's Chrome over Wood 70's JHB Sizes - 4 Pc Players Drum Set

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A hard to find Slingerland Chrome over Wood set on the famous "JHB" sizes. JHB never used Slingerland on his career but these are the iconic sizes he was famous for.

These are 70's 3 ply maple shells wrapped on Stainless Steel. Because of its cosmetic condition, this is a players set. The metal wrap has seen better days and there's plenty of scuffs and pitting but to be honest being the kind of set it is I think it looks better like this. Not immaculate but with the scars to prove its been around making sound engineers loose their mind.

No extra holes or mods on any of the drums.Bearing edges in good condition.
None of the toms has their mufflers (does a set like this need any?)
The tom arm is not included but a Pearl snare drum stand is. 

Sizes are 10x14" Rack tom, 16x16" & 16x18" Floor toms and 14x26" Bass drum.

10x14": The best drum out of the 4. It's very presentable and it has little pitting. It also presents a few dents. All original hardware. Black and silver badge serial #: 279693 The drum sports a Remo Pinstripe batter and a Clear Ambassador resonant. Both used but with plenty of life left on them.

16x16": The drum that has the most pitting on it. Black and silver badge serial #: 191295 (Based on the serial # Id say this drum wasn't part of the original set but it blends with it pretty well. Remo Pinstripe on batter and an Evans Clear Genera on resonant. Both used but with plenty of life left on them.

16x18": This drum has a little less pitting than the 16x16" but it still shows a fair amount of pitting. Black and silver badge serial #: 271283  Remo Pinstripe on batter and Remo Clear Ambassador on resonant. Both used but with plenty of life left on them.

14x26": A pretty solid drum in very decent condition. Little pitting on the wrap. Black and silver badge serial #: 271295 All the hardware is original. One of the T rods has a lot of pitting but the rest is OK. Looks like one of the hoops has been repaired. The hoops paint is pretty decent and they both got their whole metal inlay. The drum has 4 spurs but there's only two included. They work fine and keep the drum stable and firmly fixed.

A vintage Ludwig on JHB sizes is going to be way more than expensive than these and I can tell you this set can give any Ludwig set a good run for its money.
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