Slingerland Radio King 50's Era White Mother Pearl 3 PC Drum Set - Good Condition


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Another treasure out of the BUG's shop:

Slingerland 50's era 3 pc. Radio King White Mother Pearl Drum Set

The sizes are:
9x13" tom
16x16" floor tom
14x24" bass drum

9x13 tom: originally issued without a badge. White marine pearl wrap in good condition with normal color aging for its age. No seam lifting. No extra holes. Single flange hoops with Radio King engraving.  Nickel hardware (bracket is chrome plated though). Harold R. Dodd grey felt mufflers are present (top and bottom). Attaching hardware is all original and present with original Slingerland USA washers. All clip mounts and rods are original. There is a 2 1/2" crack that runs horizontally on one of the reinforcement rings (it doesn't touch the shell and doesn't affect the sound). There's also a 1" chip on the outer ply of the mahogany veneer underneath one of the washers (see pictures) that doesn't compromise the shell at all. Tom features a Remo Ambassador on top and a clear Ambassador on the resonant side. Both fairly used with some life left on them. Stand shown on pictures not included.

16x16" Floor Tom: all original nickel hardware. Hoops are double flange stick choppers. Top hoops shows the Slingerland Radio King engraving. Bottom one doesn't have engraving but it's original. No extra holes. White marine wrap in overall great shape with very light fading. The wrap shows a small crack which is pictured.  Seam doesn't show any lifting. Original grey muffler is present. Hardware in good condition with the normal wear you would expect on a 50's drum. No extra holes. Beautiful interior. It features a Remo fiberskyn 2 on the batter side in good condition and a Remo Weather king on the resonant side in also good condition. 

14x24" Bass Drum: original small oval badge (1955 - 1959) is present. White marine pearl wrap in good condition with little fading and moderate signs of wear. The wrap seam shows mild lifting. All hardware is in good condition for its age, which means it does show some rust and pitting but nothing really aggressive. The original T rods and claws that came with this drum were really pitted and rusted so they had to be replaced. The ones that are currently on the drum aren't nickel but chrome plated ones. The previous owner installed Ludwig 1/2" spurs, but they were later removed, and the holes were plugged and covered in white marine wrap. Please see pictures. Interior shows the repair but it is a well performed one. . Bass drum hoops have been repainted and the inlay matches the set. The heads are Remo Renaissance on the front and an Evans on the batter side. Both in good condition. Hoop mounted spurs are original Radio King. 

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