Slingerland Gene Krupa 60's Sky Blue Pearl 3 pc Chocolate Milk interior Drum set


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Gene Krupa model. 9x13,16x16,14x20

Good condition. Black/ Brass badges, No extra holes, Early era Nickel finish tom older bass drum bracket, Perfect Bearing edges, No missing parts, No nothing. Just a 100% sweet vintage Slingerland set from one of the company's most respected eras.

9x13 in great shape. Has little tint of green on the sky blue pearl wrap. Very hard to spot. Badge's serial number: 203971. Clear Remo Ambassadors on top and bottom. Both with plenty of life left.

16x16 The one that remains with virtually no green tint. Very pure Sky blue pearl finish. Badge's serial number : 203103. Remo Emperor clear on top and Ambassador clear on bottom. Both in good shape.

14x20 The one that has the most greenish tint of the three. Har to spot. You really need to look close. Badge's serial number: 203102. All original T's, claws and spurs. No missing inlay on the bass drum hoops. Remo Pinstripe on batter, Original Slingerland head on resonant side. 

We take pride on our excellent packing job. We are entering our 19 year dealing on vintage drums. You can trust the Vintage Drum Bug!
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