Slingerland Early 90's Mahogany Lacquer 5 Pieces Drum Set


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Slingerland early 90's five piece drum set. 
Beautiful mahogany lacquer finish 
8x12, 9x13, 16x16 Toms
5x14 Snare drum
18x22 Bass drum
The toms have no bracket to connect them to the bass drum so you'll need to get some r.i.m.s.
It sounds amazing!
No stands, pedals or cymbals are included. Just the 5 drums + floor tom legs and double tom holder are part of this sale
These are the Asian Slingerland models from the early 90's.
These were found in a store in LA. The place was so full of stuff that these were left outdoors for months. The LA morning dew got inside the shells and left some traces on the clear shells. It is not serious and we wouldn't consider it water damage because it is very superficial, but it is there.
The snare drum butt plate being the worst part as pictured. The bass drum has some mild scratches as pictured.

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