Slingerland 70's Bicolor Blue/Silver Sparkle 6.5x14 Snare Drum

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This an interesting drum. Found on a basement in Salem Oregon. The inside of the shell had a lot of moisture damage (because of the rainy Salem’s weather) so we had to sand it down and apply some shellac to seal the wood.
The badge was cut in both sides leaving just a third of it, so we removed it and installed a similar era badge and grommet.
The size is 6,5x14 
Bearing edges and snare beds seem to be original 
5 ply shell
Now, we honestly don't know if this the cool creation of a very handy guy who cut it out off a marching snare drum or, Did Slingerland ever produced this model? We've never seen a drum such as this before. We've asked a few of the Slingerland forum owner's  and some of them were intrigued about the perfectly recreated (or maybe original) bearing edges and snare bed. The other fact that makes it even more interesting is if it would've been cut down from a marching drum, it would've had the holes for the key holder on the panel at the right of the badge.
There are no extra holes on the drum. Everything looks correctly situated where a drum this size should have its hardware installed.
Drum is missing the muffler (correct holes are present)
Rapid strainer is present (It needs a little tweaking because it doesn't fluidly engage to on position when in off position. When in on position it holds really well.    
Drum in Fair-Good condition
5 ply Shell.
The finish is a Bicolor Blue-Silver-Blue sparkle. We couldn't find records for the exact on these kind of drums. Only on Marching models.
Original Stick saver hoops
Top bearing edge in perfect condition
Bottom bearing edge has a tiny fleabite that doesn't really affect the sound

Both heads in great condition. Evans on Top- Remo Clear on bottom

Please pay close attention to the pictures as they show the exact condition of this snare.

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