Rogers Vintage R-360 Blue Strata 3 PC Drum Set - Good Condition

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For your consideration is this Rogers R-360 Drum Set. These sets are becoming more collectible because of their beautiful wraps and Yamaha's impeccable craftsmanship. These drums were manufactured by Yamaha during the late 60's.  These aren't the later era R-360s, but the real vintage 60's sets. There's a big difference between both eras in terms of quality and desirability. 
These are birch shells with hardware design by Joe Thompson for Rogers. As a matter of fact, these lugs were used by Henry Grossman after Rogers got sold to CBS. Later on Mr. Grossman continued building drums under the Duplex name. 

8x12" rack tom
16x16" floor tom
14x22" bass drum 

All drums are in good condition with moderate wear. The blue strata wrap has aged over the years but it's still looking nice. There's some fading that can be noticed on the seams area.
All three drums show the previous owner's  hand etched SS number. The numbers aren't super visible but they are there. Please refer to pictures.
All hardware is original and in VG condition with very light rust/pitting, mostly localized on the ft legs and a few other pieces. Overall, the chrome looks in fine shape, with mostly scratches.
All interiors are in good condition and they don't present any extra holes. 

12" : Remo black dot on batter side in good condition and a clear Ddrum on the resonant side in fair cond. 
16": Remo black dot on batter side in good condition and a Remo clear Emperor in good condition.
22": Remo clear batter in fair/good condition and a Remo Powerstroke 3 on the resonant side in VG condition with a port hole. 

Please contact us if you need any additional pictures. 

Please pay close attention to the pictures as they show the exact condition of this item.
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