Rogers Swingtime 1964 Blue Sparkle 3 PC Drum Set - 14x14" Floor Tom- Good Condition

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Another treasure out of the Vintage Drum Bug shop:
Ludwig 1964 Swingtime 3PC Drum Set
8x12" Tom
14x14" Floor Tom
14x20" Bass Drum


8x12" Tom: 
serial # unknown. The tag is ripped right on that area. The blue sparkle wrap is in VG condition for its age. Very few blemishes and scuffs. There is an approximately 2" darker spot right below the Rogers script badge. All original hardware in good condition. Very light pitting/rust. Some of the chrome plating is missing on the bottom hoop. Black felt muffler is present. VG bearing edges. The tom features a Tama white dot on the batter side and a Remo clear Emperor on the resonant side, both in fair condition, but still with some life left ahead. 

14x14" Foor Tom: serial # 15235. Paper tag is present. The blue sparkle wrap is in VG condition for its age. Just a few tiny darker spots. The wrap seam looks perfect.  All original hardware in good condition, except for the legs, which aren't original.  This model features the sta-tite floor tom brackets. Black felt muffler is present. The heads are a Remo black dot on the batter side and a Remo clear Ambassador on the resonant side. Both heads are in fair condition but still playable. 

14x20" Bass Drum: serial # 45916. Interior paper label is present. The blue sparkle wrap shows a 1"x1" area where the previous owner seemed to had applied some sort of glitter or colored filler. We assume there was some deep tom rash we wanted to disguise. It's a decent job, but it's obviously not perfect. We inspected the interior and there isn't any damage coming through. Also, it looks as this set was owned by a lefty owner in the past, who in order to accommodate a tom arm, drilled a hole on the position of the knobby mount for the cymbal arm. That extra hole is completely covered now by the mount. There are pictures that show this extra hole. All the hardware is original and in good condition with light pitting/rust. One of the hoop's inlays isn't original but it blends nicely with the set. This bass drum features a coated Rogers head on the resonant side in VG condition for its age. The batter is a Remo Black Dot in good condition. 

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