Rogers Londoner 1972 Blue Onyx 3PC Drum Set / Good Condition

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For your consideration is this Funky  Rogers Londoner 3 pc set
Here are the specs:
  • 9x13". 16x16" ,14x22 on Blue Onyx Pearl Finish
  • Fullerton CA Era
  • Early 70's speckled interior has been covered by ugly black paint
  • The shell's interior are in good condition. (NO cracks, No extra holes)
  • No labels are present on any of the drums
  • This is a Londoner model that's missing the 8x12 tom
  • Wrap in Good condition. It doesn't show any fading or lifting, however it does present wear such as scuffs and scratches.
  • The hardware's chrome shows normal wear for its age. No visible rust or pitting.
  • No mufflers are present on the toms
  • Snare drum stand is not included
  • The toms feature very worn Remo pinstripes head on batter side and Evans and no name on the resonant side. The bass drum has the original Rogers resonant and a Remo Black Dot batter.
  • All original hardware but two rods on the Floor tom and 4 T's and 4 rods on the bass drum.
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