Premier Silver Star 111 Model 1972 - 4 PC Drum Set


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Super cool Premier made in UK 4 pc set
These seem to be the 111 model but the rack tom might be from a slightly newer era. 
All drums but the snare feature the same type of shells (they seem to be mahogany)

5x14 snare drum
8x12 rack tom
14x14 floor tom
14x20 bass drum

Snare drum is a brushed aluminum shell (no wrap). The finish looks very similar to the silver star wrap of the rest of the drums, but since it's metal, it presents some pitting on it. Please look at pictures closely. 

I'm not too familiar with Premiers so they might be a couple or several non original rods or parts but I don't see any extra holes or mods.
The drums take regular heads not metric heads
The silver star finish has some scuffs, marks and distress. Not too bad. Pretty decent for its age. 
 A great sounding jazz set for half the price of an American one. Matching snare and all.
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