Ludwig Vintage Club Date Duco 4 PC Drum Set - Keystone Badge

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Snare drum: 5,5x14" Serial number: 241434 White felt baseball bat muffler, Ludwig Weather Master on top, Remo clear Ambassador on resonant. White interior, Original Ludwig snare wires. Good overall condition. Few blemishes on the paint. Most pictured. Original bearing edges in excellent condition. All original nickel Hardware. 

Rack Tom: 8x12" Serial number: 233027 White felt baseball bat muffler, Remo coated Ambassador on top, Ludwig clear Rockers on resonant, White interior, God condition, Few blemishes on the finish. Most pictured. Original bearing edges in excellent condition. 

Floor tom: 14x14 Serial number: 61921 Red baseball bat muffler. Remo ambassador coated on top and Ludwig Weather master coated on bottom . White interior. Very Good condition. This is the only drum that didn't come originally with the set. However is the drum in better condition of the 4 and it's a perfect match. Original bearing edges in excellent condition.

Bass drum: 14x20" Serial number: 227103 Original  Ludwig front resonant head, Remo "C.S. Bass drum" (Black dot) batter head. White interior. Good condition. This is the only drum with a little detail on it. Looks like someone was too careless removing the cymbal arm bracket (they have a tendency to get stuck on the original holes) and took a section of about 1.5" out of the outer ply. We repaired the little detail but we didn't retouched the finish. (Fortunately the little blemish hides pretty well under the bracket it self). The spurs aren't original. 

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Please pay close attention to the pictures as they show the exact condition of this set.

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