Ludwig Vintage 1978 Power Factory Smoke Vistalite POWER Concert Toms 8 PC Drum Set. VG/EXC

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For your consideration is this fairly rare Ludwig Power Factory  melodic single tension (concert) toms set. It's not often that we get to see a vistalite set in this POWER sizes and in such nice condition. The Power Factory series were made from 1978-1982 and were discontinued after that. This set is perfect for the hard rock and heavy metal drummers out there. These are known for their volume and projection.  Eric Carr, the late drummer from Kiss, used this model during the 1980 Unmasked tour. Many other Metal and hard Rock drummers can be seen on pictures from the early 80's favoring this configuration. For specifics please read the specs below. 

Here are the specs:
8 PC factory matched set
Blue Olive Pointy badges with correlative serial numbers
Year 1978
Power single headed melodic toms and floor tom

9"x10": Stand mounted aerial mounted concert power tom. Single headed. Serial # 1941328. Acrylic shell in excellent condition for its age. Only light scratches can be seen. Hardware in good condition. 5 lugs. 

11"x12" :  Serial # 1941324. Acrylic shell in excellent condition. Single headed. No cracks. No spider webbing. Very mild scratches. 8 lugs. 

12"x13": Stand mounted aerial concert power tom. Serial #1941330. Single headed. Acrylic shell shows a long crack that runs right beside the seam (please see pictures). Fortunately it is a single clean cut. There's no spider webbing or other adjacent cracks, which will allow a much simpler repair (plenty of crack repairing tutorials on YouTube) . 8 lugs. 

13"x14": Aerial single headed power tom. Serial #1941326. Shell in very nice condition. Only mild scratches can be seen. Hardware in good condition. 10 lugs. 

14"x15": Aerial single headed power tom. Serial # 1941329. Acrylic shell presents 2 visible scratches/scuffs of about 1" each. The rest of the tom looks in nice shape. Hardware in good condition. 10 lugs. 

15"x16" : Aerial single headed power tom. Serial #1941323. Shell in very good condition with only mild superficial scratches. Hardware in vg condition. 8 lugs. 

16"x18" floor tom: Single headed melodic floor tom. Serial # 1941300. Shell in VG condition. Hardware in Vg condition as well with some moderate rust mainly on the hoop. 8 lugs. 

16"x24" bass drum: No badge is present. Shell in VG condition with mild scratches/scuffs. Previous owner removed the original paint from the hoops leaving them with a natural maple finish. 20 lugs. 

These are 

3 Ludwig Hercules Clip Mount stands are included with this set

All red Evans hydraulic heads have been fairly used. They still have some life ahead but for best sound they may need to be changed in the near future. The 15" aerial tom has a clear Evans hydraulic and the 18" floor tom has a Remo pinstripe which is in fair condition.  The bass drum features a Remo Powerstroke 3 on the batter side and in the front it has an Original Ludwig silver dot  head in fair condition. 

The set will be shipped in two separate boxes and nested into each other. For maximum protection they will have to be completely disassembled (hardware removed from the shells). We have shipped several vistalites in the past and we'll make sure the set will be extra padded for a safe trip to your location. 

Please pay close attention to the pictures as they show the exact condition of this item.
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