Ludwig Super Classic 1967 Keystone Badge Silver Sparkle 9x13" Rack Tom - VG Condition


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A very nice 1967 Ludwig 9x13" rack tom
Silver sparkle has evenly faded to a nice "Ginger Sparkle"
No extra holes - One of the bracket holes presents some elongation but it doesn't affect the installation of the hardware.
Original hardware in good condition with normal wear
There's no muffler on this tom
White interior in good condition for its age
Dec, 1967 stamped on the interior of the shell (the exact date cannot be distinguished)
Keystone Badge Serial # 558018
Batter heads is a Remo Coated Ambassador in good Condition
Resonant is a Remo Emperor in good condition
Please pay close attention to the pictures as they show the exact condition of this item.
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