Ludwig Super Beat 60's Blue Sparkle 3PC Set - Keystone Badge - VG Condition


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For your consideration is this gorgeous Ludwig Blue Sparkle 3 pc set
Here are the specs:

  • 9x13",  16x16", 14x20 
  • Keystone Badge on all three pieces 
  • Tom serial #: 314206
  • Floor Tom serial #: 313567
  • Bass Drum serial #: 39294
  • Based on the serial numbers, this set isn't a factory matched set. It was put together later on. The bass drum should date back to 1964 and the tom and floor tom are from 1966. 
Tom Tom:
The bearing edge is in good condition. Blue sparkle finish is in excellent condition. It shows no fading and there are not significant scratches or scuffs to describe. There's a date stamp that reads Jan 17 1966 (there's one number that's hard to read, but it looks like a 6 to us, which correlates with the keystone badge serial guide). All original hardware. The hardware's chrome is in VG condition.  Original white muffler is present on this tom.
Looking at the grommet, it looks like at some point it was removed. However there's no indication this tom was re-wrapped as the wrap goes smoothly into the reinforcement ring. 
The tom features a new Remo Ambassador coated head on batter side and a new Remo Ambassador clear head on the resonant side. 

Floor Tom:

The bearing edge looks in good condition. Interior shows some residue stains at the top, close to the reinforcement hoop. Please refer to pictures. Blue sparkle wrap is in excellent condition, with almost no defects. There aren't any date stamps on the interior. The hardware is all original and in VG condition. White muffler is present. The badge isn't firmly attached, but the grommet shows no indications of being removed. This floor tom features a new Remo Ambassador coated head on batter side and a no name excellent condition head on resonant side. 

Bass Drum:

The bearing edge looks in good condition on the beater side. The resonant side bearing edge is not perfect. It has some rough spots that shouldn't be to hard to deal with.However, No delamination is present. The white interior looks ok with normal signs of wear. There aren't any date stamps. The hardware looks in very good condition, with mild signs of pitting/rust, mainly located on the consolette rail mount. 
The blue sparkle finish shows only a few and very mild scuffs. There's no lifting or any eye sore spot to describe. 
The bass drum features an original Ludwig Weathermaster heavy head on the resonant side in Vg condition, and a clear Remo Weather King head  on the batter side. 
One hoop is missing its inlay.
The wingnut for for the L cymbal arm bracket  is included, just not pictured. 

Please pay close attention to the pictures as they show the exact condition of this item.

Please contact us for more pictures.

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