Ludwig Octaplus 1978 Black Vistalite Melodic Toms 11 PC Drum Set - Blue/Olive Badge Vintage/ USA

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Another treasure out of the Bug's shop!

Ludwig Octaplus 1978 Black Vistalite Drum Set

A real treat for all those hard rock/heavy metal players out there. This is a massive 11 pieces set in beautiful condition for its age. Vistalites are usually hard to find in good shape as they are prone to scratch, but this set has very few blemishes and it's overall in great shape.  
Please read the detailed description below:

5.5 x 6" melodic single headed. Serial number 1768079. Shell in great condition with barely any visible scratches. Badge is slightly lifted on the corners, but grommet is in perfect condition. No cracks 

5.5 x 8" melodic single headed. Serial number 1768873. Acrylic shell in VG condition. Badge is slightly lifted on one corner. Unmolested grommet. No cracks. 

6.5 x 10" melodic single headed. Serial number 1768881. The shell shows mild scratches/scuffs. Nothing serious. No cracks. 

8 x 12" melodic single headed. Serial number 1768893. Only very light scratches on the shell. No cracks. 

9 x 13" melodic single headed. Serial number 1768894.  Several mild scratches on the shell, but they are superficial only. No cracks.
10 x 14" melodic single headed. Serial number 1768895. Several mild scratches on the shell, but they are superficial only. No cracks.

12 x 15" melodic single headed. Serial number 1770559. Shell in good condition. No deep scratches or cracks.

14 x 16" melodic single headed. Serial number 1768901. There are some scuffs and a few more visible scratches under the badge area. Nothing really deep. No cracks. 

16 x 18" Floor tom. Serial number 1768879. Shell in good condition with normal wear such as mild superficial scratches and scuffs. No cracks. 

(2) 14 x 24" bass drums. Serial numbers 1768864, 1768863. Both bass drums in VG condition. No cracks, no spider webbing. Hoops got pedal rash and may need to be re-painted. 

All hardware is original and in very good condition with no heavy rust or pitting. Only scratches and normal wear. 

The listing includes 2 Ludwig Sturdi-Lok tom holders for bass drum mounting and 2 Ludwig Hercules clip mount holder stands.

All toms feature remo Wheatherking coated Powerstroke heads in fair/good condition. Bass drums have Remo Weatherking Pin Stripe heads on the batter side and Original clear Ludwig on the resonant side. 

The set will be shipped in three separate boxes.  Shells will be nested into each other. For maximum protection they will have to be completely disassembled (hardware removed from the shells). Stands will ship separately. We have shipped several vistalites in the past and we'll make sure the set will be extra padded for a safe trip to your location.

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Please pay close attention to the pictures as they show the exact condition of this item.
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