Ludwig Late 70's Gold Sparkle 9x10" Power Tom - Good Condition


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Ludwig late 70's Blue Olive Badge 9x10" Power Tom

Gold Sparkle Finish

Size 9x10
9" deep
10" diameter
Serial #1984396
6 ply shells

Gold sparkle finish looks in great shape with virtually no fading and with mild scuffs only. However, there's an area, where the seam is, that shows a missing wrap piece.  Fortunately there was enough wrap underneath so the shell isn't exposed. Please see pictures so you can see what we mean, 

All original hardware except the rods

Chrome is in Good/VG condition with some rust and pitting mostly concentrated on the bracket. The lugs and hoops look very nice for its age with mild pitting/rust.  Hardware has been cleaned for your convenience. 

Bearing edges in excellent condition.

This drum used to sport the clip-lok type bracket which had four holes to be mounted, hence the extra factory holes you'll see on the pictures. We replaced the bracket with a regular classic one which is way easier to find and mount. 

Remo Weatherking heads on batter and resonant in very good condition with plenty of life ahead. 

Please see pictures as they represent exact item you'll receive.
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