Ludwig Hollywood 1967 Sky Blue Pearl 4 PC Drum Set


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Fresh from the Bug's bench is this unbelievable clean Ludwig Sky Blue Pearl set from 1967. The sets has spent its 52 years in hard cases. Barely played. No fading, no extra holes, no incorrect parts. 
8x12: July 4, 1967 Keystone badge Serial # 534755
9x13: July 27, 1967 Keystone badge Serial # 537564
16x16: July 28, 1967 Keystone badge Serial # 536770 
14x22: July 28, 1967 Keystone badge Serial # 538959

                                  Original bottom heads on the 12" and 13 toms". Original resonant head on the bass drum! Brand new Remo Coated Ambassador on the bass drum.
The only restoration we performed on this set was the bass drum hoops being touched up with black paint to cover some light peeling. That was it! It didn't require anything else.
All the hardware is original, rust-free and shiny. The hard to find second generation double tom holder has very light scratches. Very hard to spot.

All the bearing edges are original and in immaculate condition. Ready to sing! 

8x12 TT, 9x13TT, 16x16FT, 14x22BD

Kesytone badges all around the set. White felt baseball muffler in excellent condition and working flawlessly. The set is easily an 8 out of 10. 10 being NOS and 9 being Mint. You wont be disappointed with this set. It is truly a time capsule. Born together, kept together for 52 years.

Please refer to pictures for exact condition. 
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