Ludwig 1979 Power Factory Chrome over Wood Concert Toms 8 PC Drum Set - VG Condition


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Ludwig Power Factory Chrome over Wood C.O.W 8 PC Concert Toms Drum Set
6 Ply Maple shells with rivets. All seams are in very good shape. (Unlike the pearl or cortex wraps, the C.O.W. wrap was the only wrap from that era that resisted the rivets without cracking)

Drum set in VG condition. Please read below for specs.

  1. 6.5x10 Tom: serial # 2035057 Aerial/stand  mounted. VG condition. Normal wear for this type of finish. Scratches and light scuffs are present.  
  2. 8x12 Tom: serial # 2035028 Aerial/stand mounted. VG condition. One more noticeable scuff of 2"x2" on the panel that's on the right of the mounting bracket. 
  3. 9x13 Tom: serial# 2035036. Bass drum mounted. VG condition. Mild scuffs and scratches. It presents one more noticeable scratch of about 1" on the front panel.
  4. 10x14 Tom: serial #2035034. Bass drum mounted. There is one noticeable scratch. The rest are very light scratches and scuffs. 
  5. 12x15 Tom: serial # 2035035. Stand mounted. This tom is in fair/good condition. It shows scratches and scuffs. Also it presents tom rash on a 6"x4" area. 
  6. 14x16 tom: serial # 2035033. Stand mounted. VG condition with normal wear, lights scratches and scuffs. 
  7. 16x18 Floor Tom: serial # 2035019. VG condition with normal wear. Muffler is present. 
  8. 14x24 Bass Drum: serial #2035060. Vg condition with normal wear.
All hardware is original and in VG condition. 

Clip mount double bass drum holder is included.
2 Original Hercules clip mount double tom holders are included . Both stands are in Good condition with Blue and Olive stickers present. 

The drums sport fair condition Remo Ebony heads on all toms except on the 12x15 which has a fair condition Evans head.
Floor tom has a remo Pinstripe head in fair cond.
Bass drum has a brand new Ludwig World Standard head on resonant  and a Ludwig Rockers White Dot on beater in Good condition. 

Drum will be shipped in two boxes. Some assembly might be required. 

Total shipping will be $200 to all 48 states.

Please pay close attention to the pictures as they show the exact condition of this drum set.

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Vintage Drum Bug has been serving the drummer's community for 18 years, so buy with confidence.

Vintage Drum Bug has been serving the drummer's community for 18 years, so buy with confidence.

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