Ludwig 1979-80 Clear Vistalite Pointy Blue Olive Badge 100% Original 4PC Set


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Ludwig clear vistalite 4 pc set.

This set left the classic Chicago factory either in 1979 or early 80's. There's not certainty of the exact year, as this was manufactured during Ludwig's era of transition from pointy badges to rounded ones. All pieces of this set present the pointy blue olive badge and have seven digits serial numbers. In addition, the bass drum has modular legs, another aspect that represents the transition the company was experimenting.  The most unusual feature of this set is the fact that it is one hundred percent original, down to the last head or screw. The exact way it left the factory about 40 years ago. It's very hard to find a set with these characteristics. The condition indicates that it's been unused and stored on cases for almost 4 decades. 

Set includes:

8x12 Tom tom Serial # 2120725

9x13 Tom tom Serial # 2120752

16x16 Floor tom Serial #2121237

14x22 Bass Drum Serial #2120932

All pieces in VG condition. They show light scuffs and scratches, which is normal for vistalites, but nothing serious. No cracks on any of the drums. Overall, and considering it's age, this set is in awesome shape

All original, including the heads (this is a rare feature of this set. They are Silver dot batters and clear resonants. All in fairly good shape). Looks like this set has been barely played. 

Original bass drum hoops with silver sparkle inlay with no missing pieces and virtually nothing to restore or detail. 

All hardware in VG condition. 

Ludwig mount in fair condition included on this sale. 

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