Ludwig 1969 Black Diamond Pearl Vintage 3 pc Drum Set/ Good Cond/Virgin Bass Drum


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Good to Very good condition 3 Pc set from Ludwig's Golden years

Unfaded Glossy Original Black Diamond Pearl finish
Sets features Virgin Bass drum
All clear interior shells
Bearing edges in original Very good condition.

9x13 Tom tom 03/08/1969 Keystone badge serial number 696535 All original hardware. No extra holes. Light tom rash. Please see pixs.

16x16 Floor tom 05/14/1969 Keystone badge serial number 603674 All original hardware. No extra holes

14x20 Virgin Bass drum 03/27/1969 Keystone badge serial number 698173. All original hardware. Hoops in very good condition with no missing inlay. 3 unoriginal extra holes which have been expertly plugged and covered with matching wrap. Impossible to spot from 1 feet away. One is located close to the original cymbal arm bracket and two are located on the oposite side of the spurs brackets. Not sure what the previous owner intended with those but as mentioned they are super hard to find.

Please refer to pictures for actual condition. Ask as many questions you might have. 

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