Gretsch Name Band Round Badge 60's Sky Blue Pearl 4PC Drum Set - VG Cond

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Name Band Sky Blue pearl 6 ply Round Badge Gretsch set with "That Great Gretsch Sound"

The set is in Very Good condition. Very close to Excellent condition. 
No extra holes, No mods, No nothing.

9x13 Rack tom Paper tag serial number 43587. Both Mufflers are present. All original hardware. Tight seams. Remo Coated Ambassador on top and Clear Ambassador on resonant. Excellent bearing edges.

14x22 Bass drum paper tag serial number 41566 . Consolette tom holder, Diamond cymbal arm bracket and Pratt muffler all present. Tight seams. Hoops in very good condition. No missing inlay. Original Resonant head, Black dot on batter side. Excellent bearing edges.

5,5x14 Snare drum paper tag serial number 44206. All original hardware. Remo Ambassador on batter, Clear ambassador snare side on resonant. Tight seams, Excellent bearing edges

16x16 Floor tom paper tag serial number 44244. All original hardware, Original legs with rubber feet, Mufflers present, Remo coated ambassador,, Vintage coated unknown on resonant side. Tight seams. Excellent bearing edges.

A set that needs no introduction or explanation. Solid very Good Condition and most important has "That Gretsch sound"
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