ASBA Stainless Steel Vintage 4 pc Dum Set- Made in France - The Original Stainless Steel Drum Set


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This is a vintage ASBA set.  Their sound is beyond description. By far one of the best sounding set we've ever had.
Make no mistake: This is a top of the line set from one of the most admired European brands of all times. Owning one is a real privilege. This is the French company that came up with the original stainless steel set. (Followed by Ludwig years later). This is truly a collector's piece. Anybody can have a Ludwig, Rogers, Slingerland or a Gretsch set...Now: How many gigs have you been where the drummer has an ASBA set? Not the reissue that sells for $4500! The original set from the 70's! Think about that...

The drums are in very good condition, 100% original hardware, no extra holes and no modifications.

Sizes are:
9x13", 10x14", 16x16", 14x22"

The tom holders present some mild pitting
The bass drum has some tom rash (pictured)
All the hoops are die cast
Bass drum hoops in very good condition.
There's an original ASBA built-in drum key on the floor tom shell
The "bearing edges" are all exactly as issued back in the 70's (plastic band over the stainless steel shell)
The set presents several light scratches and very light dings on the shells but it can be conservatively considered in Good condition.
There's a combination of Evans coated and Remo clear heads on the set. All of them in good condition.

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Please pay close attention to the pictures as they show the exact condition of this item.

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