Arbiter Fusion 5 Natural Maple Hard to Find 5 PC Drum Set plus Bonus Effect Snare

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Rare fusion 5 Arbiter Fusion 6 pc drum set.

This is for a hard to find set of Arbiter (made in UK) drums. If you know drum history you know who Ivor Arbiter is; his connection to the Beatles and his amazing creation: the AT (advanced tension) system.
Please do some research and check at the great reviews on these drum's sound and appearance.

This is a hard to find, high end, set. Their quality and scarcity are reflected on the price.

These are heavy drums! hence the shipping price.

These drums feature no hardware on the shells. Only one vent hole located at the badge 

7 ply maple shells

Set in very good condition. It has spent its whole life in cases and pampered as the rara avis they are. 

Very light scratches on the beautiful lacquered shells

16x22 bass drum serial no: 001345
8x10 rack tom serial no: 001880
10x12 rack tom serial no: 001739
12x14 floor tom serial no: 001527
6.5x14 snare drum serial no: 100969 (looks new. Like it has spent its whole life in a case. The very light lacquered maple finish has not aged like the rest of the set.)

5x12 bonus snare drum serial no: 000101. (This is an amazing bonus effect snare drum which is included for free)

All the drums feature the AT Arbiter proprietary system

No stands are included on this sale. All toms need a mounting system.

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