Firchie Time Machine 14" Varipitch snare drum. 90's model in Excellent condition


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Offered for your consideration is this very good/excellent condition Firchie snare drum

This is not the newer model. This is the 90's model with black anodized hardware.

100% original! Even the heads are original!

These drums sell for $1200-$1500 on its newer version. The old school models are more valuable and very collectible. 

Grab this beast of a snare for an incredible price!

The drum serial number is No 00381

Heres a video about this kind of drums:

Some info from Firchie's website:

 The Firchie Drum combines a free-floating, seamless aluminum shell and a rotational tensioning system.

The concept is that the entire drum can be rotated on its stand to proportionally increase or decrease the tension of both the top and bottom heads-thus raising or lowering the pitch of the drum.

The sound of the drum can literally be changed from that of a piccolo to that of a 10” deep drum (or anywhere in between) in seconds. This eliminates the need for several snare drums in a studío situation, and makes the drum extremely versatile for use on a live gig.

The drum is equipped with a throw-off at each end of the snares. These strainers are attached to the lower “spoke rim” not to the drumshell. By adjusting the tension of each strainer differently, one can achieve three separate snare sounds by virtue of using either one-or both-of the strainers. Of course, both can be released for a “no snare” sound.


  • Super fast rotational tuning on both heads
  • Absolutely even tuning on both heads
  • Incredibly loud and responsive at any pitch
  • Double throw off system for three quick snare tension options
  • The only seamless aluminum free floating shell in the world
  • Memorize your tension position with a marker on top head for instant recall of sounds
  • Release counterclockwise after playing to avoid head fatigue
  • Built with care using the best stainless hardware free from loosening
  • Discover why all the pro drummers are using it
  • Own your own best kept secret for the price less then ordinary snare drums
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